Perfect and Disabled.

These are not the kind of words you usually see together, but that could all change. We want people to see just how many different kinds of Perfect there are. We've taken our design skill and love of gorgeous things and set out on a mission to remind the world that 'There are all kinds of Perfect'. We're all about celebrating the beauty and diversity that people living with disability bring to life and crafting gorgeous products as we go.


Find out what happens behind the scenes and why we do what we do.


I never thought it was possible to happy cry three times in a row, watching the exact same performance, knowing what was coming and still I found myself wiping away tears. Recently I was given the great privilege of being the speaker at a show put on by my old high school. It was organised […]

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It was the day I’d waited for. Finally an appointment with someone who may be able to help me understand the root of these endless migraines, the nausea and cramping, the burning muscles and debilitating lack of energy. The rooms were painted a sick off white colour and my chair scraped loudly as I sat […]


Thanks for taking time to check out what we’re all about. I’m Meg and together with Evan, we’re so pleased you’ve made it to the site. I Love Perfect is the natural progression of the ways that our lives have been shaped by disability. When I was 17 I left home and spent a year […]