Why we love all kinds of Perfect.

Thanks for taking time to check out what we’re all about. I’m Meg and together with Evan, we’re so pleased you’ve made it to the site. I Love Perfect is the natural progression of the ways that our lives have been shaped by disability.

When I was 17 I left home and spent a year voluntarily working in an orphanage. I thought I’d spend the year cuddling babies but instead I was assigned a position with 12 children who had a range of disabilities. It was a real eye opener for a young school leaver! From there I went on to care for children with physical and intellectual disabilites while at college and my life continued to expand as I was lucky enough to know them and their families.

Little did I realise that I would soon find myself classed as ‘disabled’. Diagnosed with post viral syndrome which progressed to fibromyalgia in my early 20’s, it challenged all my thinking on who I was and what I could do with my life. Given that the diagnosis came just a few months after getting married it meant that Evan got pretty familiar with what living with disability looked like too. I’m super lucky he stuck around and we have shared an incredible life filled with jobs we’ve loved, the birth of our two children and more adventures than I can count, all while managing ‘disability’. After 11 years I found myself miraculously living pain free, despite what the doctors said my long term prognosis was. It was just a few years after this that my handsome nephew was born and we found ourselves once again, connected to disability as he was born with his own special super powers as we like to call them.

All this brings us to why we started ‘I Love Perfect’. So much of what we’ve learnt highlights the fact that there are all kinds of Perfect. Coming from a project management background and the design world we took our experiences, our passion for social justice and love of gorgeous things and put them together. Now we’re working to remind the world that ‘There are all kinds of Perfect’.

We call New Zealand home but have businesses that see us vagabonding to various locations around the world. We’re super proud of the collaborations that are happening internationally. Aside from the art prints we’re working closely with jewellers who care about and give jobs to people who are living with disability in third world countries. Soon you’ll be able to purchase ‘I Love Perfect’ jewellery as well as art prints and we can’t wait for you to see it!

We’d love to hear from you about your journey with learning to see the ‘Perfect’ through your connection with disability or special needs. Find us on social media where we’ll be posting some ‘picture perfect’ moments of life with disability. Send us your story plus a pic and you could feature!

Here’s to all kinds of Perfect,
xx Meg and Evan

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